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>> Saturday 17 January 2009

When asked to describe Caribbean cuisine, one word that frequently comes to our minds is "spicy". However, when we say spicy I think that it is interpreted solely to mean hot – heat from the scotch bonnet peppers our region is known for. This interpetation is not exactly true. Read this week's column to get an idea about how to describe and interpret Caribbean Cuisine.

Dishes such as this Pumpkin Pudding is an example of our sweet-spicy-side. Email me for the recipe.

A low and slow cooked stew like pork and beans reveals the depth of flavour our cuisine is known for. Recipe available.

Like I said in the column, "We are hot, we are spicy, we are sour, we are sweet, we are salty, we are tasty, we are tangy, we are sharp and even though we are mild at times, one thing we are not is bland."


Congratulations to Elle of Elle's New England Kitchen, the winner of the Royal Foodie Joust, themed "Caribbean" for her excellent Banana Foster Cupcakes! Elle wins a signed copy of my book, My Caribbean Cookbook Tastes Like Home.

The winner of Let's All Cook's Eat Healthy Contest will be announced next week as voting closes at mid-night tonight (Saturday, January 17). If you have voted yet, please click this link to do so now.

Finally, there's still plenty of time to CLICK Red for a chance to win a copy of the book!

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