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>> Saturday 29 November 2008

Cynthia: Hi Everyone Please welcome a very dear friend, Susan, who has guest-written my column this week. She likes to do things her way so here goes.

Susan: I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news….actually the great news is that Cynthia’s book, My Caribbean Cookbook Tastes Like Home, will be available on tomorrow so we can all go online and buy it. The bad news? Well now Cynthia’s book is out I have no more excuses for not going into the kitchen and creating great Caribbean dishes for myself (it used to be so much easier just to wait for Cynthia). Click here and come and let me tell you more about the book and introduce myself properly.

Cynthia: Thanks Sue!

A few things to update you on the book - be sure to watch this space and those of other bloggers as there will be some book-giveaways, reviews, contests etc. Meeta's Monthly Mingle, Jenn's Royal Foodie Joust, Sangeeth's Eat Healthy and Susan's My Legume Love Affair are just of few of the events that you will be able to take part in and win a copy of the book. I'll update you through the blog and by email.

The book is set to go on-sale at effective from tomorrow (Nov 30). As soon as the link is up on Amazon, I'll update this post and email you as well.

Thanks to all that have been sending emails of congratulations and more importantly have been and continue to be extremely supportive and encouraging throughout this entire process. It would not have been possible without you so with all my heart, thank you!

I know that you are also here for the food, afterall, I couldn't possibly ask you to stop by and not feed you, even if it is only virtually.

Here are some shrimp cakes I made. I got the inspiration from this post. Click here to get the recipe. The only differences are that I added some freshly grated ginger to the mix, I used panko instead of regular bread crumbs and I moistened the panko with a little milk, that helped to keep the cake tender. Enjoy!

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