Can Soup Unite?

>> Saturday 8 November 2008

Whenever my friend Adele mentions that she is making soup, I see her husband, Ivan, get a worried look on his face. You see, Ivan is one of those people who think that soup is not real food. Click here to continue reading the column.

There is soup, and then there is soup. For a clear understanding of what we like and refer to as soup, you've got to read the column, really it is an education.

Personally, I am not really a big soup lover but I do indulge at times such as this past week when I made some cow-heel soup along with dumplings, carrots and okra. Email me for a complete recipe.

For more soup recipes, see what some of my friends have made:

Marie's Soothing Soup
Sunita's Soup, Glorious Soup
Susan's Soup is good food
Pat's Lentil Soup with Italian Sausage & Escarole
Pixen's Sweet Pumpkin & Lily Bulb Soup

Now, in case you have not discovered his blog yet... and you like baking... and you like breads of all sorts, then you have to visit my friend, Chuck's blog, The Knead for Bread. Each post teases, seduces and entices me to go into the kitchen and bake. Remember the breakfast bread? It was his recipe.

Recently I saw his post on Apple Tart-Bread and knew I had to try it because I like baked apple stuff. What can I tell you? Read the comments section of his Apple Tart-Bread post and you'll find all the answers you need including the recipe.

I recently bought some tartlet pans and wanted to try them out that is why I did not make mine as a large tart. The remaining mixture I added to a loaf pan and baked an extra 15 minutes.

Finally, this week at Forgive Me My Nonsense... A true sign of hospitality

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