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>> Saturday 13 September 2008

Want to shorten the cooking time for some dishes without losing the flavour? Want to cook okra that’s not slimy? Do you want to cook shrimp with vegetables and not let them turn into little bits of rubber? Click here for the column and read on as I share with you some everyday tips I use in the kitchen that always work for me. I’m sure they’ll help you too.

The dish in this photograph is as a result of one of the tips mentioned in the column, see how the karaila (bitter gourd, bitter melon) is not all clung together?

A few weeks ago as I was channel surfing, I paused at the Foodnetwork Channel long enough to hear Ingrid Hoffmann (Simply Delicioso) give a break-teaser about making green plantain fritters as only they do in Puerto Rico. You all know by now my love for the green plantain and that I am always on the lookout for new ways to cook it. So I present to you Ingrid's Aranitas (Green Plantain Fritters). I absolutely love it! Crispy and crunchy with the delicate warmth of garlic and the subtle flavour of the cilantro (coriander) minced and sprinkled on top. These fritters are best served hot or warm. The following day I had leftovers and though they had lost their crunch they made a filling breakfast with a cup of tea. So good! Click here for the recipe which I followed exactly. Be sure to make a paste of the garlic and not just mince finely.

Amidst the storms, floods, high gas prices, high food prices, corruption and war, we have to Count our Blessings. That's this week's post at Forgive Me My Nonsense...

Have a good weekend everybody.

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