What constitutes a salad?

>> Saturday 12 July 2008

The salad world is not a world without conflict. There are ongoing battles about what actually constitutes a salad. On one side are the traditionalists who demand that the word ‘salad’ only be applied to cold food, raw food in bite sized portions, dressed in salad dressing. Then there are the iconoclasts, young rebels who say that a salad can be raw or cooked, cold or hot, dressed, or…dare I say it…undressed! Are you like me right now and asking yourself, “my goodness, how involved can a salad be?” Click here to read more in my column and to find out how we in the Caribbean think of salad.

The recipe and inspiration for this Creste Pasta Salad was drawn from my dear friend, Marie at Proud Italian Cook. I love everything Marie makes.

Creste Pasta Salad

This warm potato salad I made is heavily adapted from Bobby Flay's Warm German Potato Salad. Email me and I'll send you my adaptation. Elly also made this salad and you can see her's here.

Warm Potato Salad

It is truly amazing the wonderful opportunities that can open up through the world of food blogging. I'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine who's really having a great time and doing what she loves. Please meet Bren of Flanboyant Eats, she's a lawyer, musician and singer and gets to travel the Caribbean writing about food! Well, guess who she teamed up with and will be the featured guest on his new show that will be debuting on Planet Green? Celebrity Chef, Emeril Lagasse!!! The show, Emeril Green, debuts on Monday, July 14 from 8 - 10 p.m. Bren's episode is at 9 p.m. Be sure to watch and tell her what you think! Bren, congrats my friend and here's a wish for many more bright moments such as this.

Finally, last week it was the celebration of America's Independence, and this week over at Forgive Me My Nonsense... you have to read Bee's take on Being American.

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