Trials of being a Food Columnist

>> Saturday 19 July 2008

On a weekly basis I can be heard saying any or all of the following: “What am I going to write about this week? I have nothing to say this week. I haven’t cooked for my column yet. Why is the sun hiding behind the cloud when I need it for my photo-shoot today?” And then of course there are the long moments when I sit at my desk and stare at the computer screen, my mind blank as the cursor blinks, willing me write, to say something, anything. Click here for the rest of the column.

When you read the column, you will understand how these dishes came about. This fruit is the West Indian cherry it is also known as Barbados Cherry and Suriname Cherry. Very rich in Vitamin C, it is grown and enjoyed throughout the Caribbean.

Here I made a compote with them.

Inspired by a reader, I made fish choka with Barbados's national fish - flying fish, by fire-roasting the fish for that roasted-smoky flavour. The next time I want to try oven roasting it with garlic, thyme and salt and pepper and then make it into a choka.

There are 2 ways that Flying Fish is prepared in Barbados, fried in a batter or steamed with lots of onions, tomatoes and herbs to be eaten with Cornmeal Cou Cou. Here, I twisted things a little, I oven-fried it with a panko crust.

Please email me if you need any of the recipes.


Thanks Sheena of Melissa Libby PR for the samples of TSP Spices. They're great, and the most endearing quality is the convenience of having them pre-measured in their individual packets! I think that they'll make great gifts at anytime. Sheena also sent me some fat free, zero calorie, vegetarian, Kosher Bacon Salt. They come in three flavours - Original, Hickory & Peppered. These are great to jazz up veggies or to make spiced french fries. Use them this grilling season and you're sure to be the toast of the gathering.

I'd also like to thank everyone who took part and contributed to the donation drive put on for Bri. There were 362 contributions and we surpassed the target of US$12,000. A total of $17,000 was raised. Thank you! Click here for the fundraiser raffle winners.

Foodbuzz - I love the bag and the badges! Thank you!

This week at Forgive Me My Nonsense... Happy Birthday A Luta Continua

Have a great weekend everybody!

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