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>> Saturday 5 January 2008


Often referred to in some parts as “poor man’s food” certain canned goods have taken a bad rap in sales and are often relegated to the deep, dark, recess of many cupboards. My blog sister here knows all to well what I am taking about.

The canned sardines we love in the Caribbean come from Canada but we think of it as very much, ours! Often when Caribbean people living abroad are yearning for the tastes of home, they reach for a can of sardines. These days, some people are too proud to say they like or eat sardines for fear of being judged to be of a particular class. Not me! I don’t care who says what about my liking sardines. But, when you read this week’s column, you’ll see how I faltered for a moment, but only for a moment! Click here to read the column.

Chop up some onions, hot peppers along with lime or lemon juice, adjust the salt and you're good to go!


Mash with the back of a fork.


Serve with rice, roti, bread, whatever you like.


Add some mayonnaise (not the no fat, low fat, lite stuff!), You need the proper thing to bind the mixture and use as a dip or spread for sandwiches.


Pillowy-soft white bread is best for this sandwich. I found the whole-wheat, whole-grain and multi-grain breads way to heavy for this.


The brand I like: Brunswick
The variety I eat: Sardines in Soya oil. I don’t play around with the other stuff.

How do you like your sardines? If you interested in pickling your own, check this out.

You will notice that the blog has a new look and it is just in time. Today is my first blogiversary! So what better way to celebrate that to dress up and step out with a new look. All the credit for the look goes to a dear friend, Shazia Mistry, a web developer, who offered me a free make-over. My sincere thanks Shaz! Sure, I had some input in terms of colours, fonts and various other things that I like but the conception and creation and bringing my ideas to life belong to this very talented woman. And she did it working through the Christmas holidays, being sick and taking care of her family who also were unwell, just to ensure that I am able to have the new look in time for the blogiversary.

If you’ve been looking for the services of a professional web developer, please be sure to check out Shaz’s website and contact her. She’s great to work with. Be sure to also check out her parenting blog here.


It’s a new year and unlike me, another friend and blog sister, Bee, has made resolutions. You’ve got to read them here at Forgive me my nonsense…

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