I did it! I made Paneer!

>> Saturday 17 November 2007

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A few months ago when Richa blogged about another of her favourite paneer recipes, my comment included the fact that I had never had paneer. That same day, I received an email with a how-to-make paneer guide. Richa, said, “I cannot let you go on and not try paneer.” She even sent me a link which I filed away. As I continued to visit many other blogs including non-Indian bloggers, I heard them raving about paneer. And then more recently, Jugalbandi and Soul Food gave demos and instructions on how to make this Indian cheese, Paneer. So, I thought that it was time to make paneer and this week’s column is about my findings as it relates to paneer making. You can read all about it here.

Among the things I found interesting is how different milks offer varying degrees of whiteness and the difference in taste when salt is added to the milk when making it and not. I followed the recipe from here for 1 litre of whole milk.

Another thing discussed in the column is how I preferred to use the paneer in a manner that was familiar to me before venturing out. Will I venture out and make paneer again and try the more popular dishes such as mattar paneer (paneer & green peas) and palak paneer (paneer & spinach)? Find out.

Here are the ways I had the paneer I made.

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Cubed & Fried

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Drizzled with honey

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Dressed with cilantro-lime dressing

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Dry-curried eggplant & paneer

I also cooked it sauteed with okras, tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs and if you want to know what I thought of these dishes, I discuss it in the column.

As I was making the paneer and watching the milk curdle, it remined me of a sweet my Aunt Betty would make whenever she had curdled milk. She'd add cinnamon, cloves and sugar to the curdled milk and let it boil until reduced. This was such a treat. She called it "paynuse" I am not sure of the spelling this is how the word sounded :)

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By the way, have you noticed the spoons in the pics? Guess what? They are gift from a friend down under, Kiriel of Papillon Pantry. I first saw her post of tea noodles and the spoons in which she served them. I merely complimented her on the good tableware find and yes, the same day (see, there’s a theme here today) I received an email from her requesting my address so that she can send me some spoons and so I have spoons! I love them very much. Thanks again, Kiriel!

Speaking of noodles, please don’t forget to CLICK and send in your entries for this month’s theme. You still have time to CLICK and submit here.

Have a good week, everyone!

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