Green Tomatoes

>> Tuesday 5 June 2007

Last weekend when I went to the market, there were not many ripe tomatoes but lots of green tomatoes and many that were now turning ripe, you know, when they are at that orange-coloured stage. As I gazed at the green tomatoes, my thoughts turned to Kathy Bates and her great performance in the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. I've often been curious as to what they taste like so I bought some, headed home and started looking for a recipe. I like this guy and thought I'd use his recipe, afterall, he is from the South.
Then I had about 3 small tomatoes remaining, so I diced them up, dressed them with some kosher salt, hot red chilies, a pinch of sugar and cilantro. Mixed it all together and I had a sort of pickle.

Want to know more about this beautiful icon that is so appropriate for this post because it is about tomatoes? Then click here and let Alanna of A Veggie Venture tell you more about it.

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