Banana-Nut Muffins

>> Saturday 9 June 2007

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Since I started blogging, I've not been baking as often as I would like to. Partly this is because I'm guided by whatever the subject of my weekly column is, and also partly because baking needs a lot more attention. It has special needs and is often exacting - in the measuring of ingredients, minutes to mix, beat, whip, knead or fold, and in the temperatures and times it takes to cook.

However, the end result, once all the pampering is done, cannot be beaten - the risen bread, brown and crusty, the cake moist and golden, the muffins, perfect little mounds of deliciousness...

I love to bake. As I said, it's exacting and demanding, but it is exactly for those reasons that baking gives me a bigger high. Don't get me wrong, I love the adventure that cooking brings - doing so by intuition, experimenting, risking flavour combos etc.

I am getting back to my baking, I am going to make time for my baking; for too long it has been neglected. So every now and then you will see me sharing with you a baked good. Today, it is banana-nut muffins, the recipe can be found here.

These muffins were rich and moist. I particularly enjoyed the added textural feel that came from the bananas that were simply mashed with the fork. (You'll understand further when you read the recipe).

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I enjoyed my muffin with a cup of tea.

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Today's column can be read here.

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