Karaila/Bitter Melon in Coconut Milk Curry

>> Thursday 28 March 2019

Bittermelon Curry photo kar curry2_zpstsfvemx8.png

Karaila/bitter melon/bitter gourd is an acquired taste. I believe that you have to have grown up eating it to like it. Or, you could absolutely dislike it because as a child, your parents made you drink the juice as bitters and therefore abhor karaila. Me? I. Love. Karaila. I buy it weekly and cook it in a variety of ways.

This recipe came about because of sheer laziness. I did not want to stuff the karaila as I usually would - with shrimp or ground meat to make a dish in Guyana that we call Kalounjie. When I made this dish for the first time, I was so pleased at finding another way to cook and enjoy karaila. With none of the delicious distraction of a filling, I was able to appreciate the texture of the twice cooked bitter melon. The vegetable becomes meaty and is very satisfying; cooked with coconut milk puts it over the top. If you like bitter melon, definitely give this dish a try.

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