Day 6: A 'lil Punch de Creme Dessert

>> Monday 17 December 2018

 photo sliced pudding6_zpsd1xzar48.png

To be quite honest, I pay very little attention to dessert during the holidays because there is already a variety of sweet stuff circulating - mulled wine, cake, sweet breads, mince pies (British), creme liqueurs etc. Of course there is always egg nog, and Punch de Creme is the Caribbean's version of this sweet, creamy, milky, boozy drink. This year, you can consider drinking AND eating Punch de creme by making Punch de Creme Bread Pudding.

Give the bread an overnight soaking in the custard-Punch de Creme for a decadent pudding. You may also want to consider baking the pudding in a bain-marie for that soft custard like texture of the pudding. Get the recipe for Punch de Creme and the breading pudding here.

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