Refreshing Lemongrass Iced Tea

>> Thursday 20 July 2017

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Here in the Caribbean, when we make tea with lemongrass, it is usually hot tea, but this well-known grass that is widely used in the cuisines of Southeast Asian countries, makes excellent iced tea. The key is to let the tea steep for at least an hour for the rich citrus flavour to develop. Look at the colour of the tea - no teabags or traditional tea leaves were used to make this iced tea.

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A detailed recipe complete with notes can be found here. I highly recommend making this tea a day ahead of use so that you can truly enjoy it. This is not iced tea to be rushed. Do not forget to include thin slices of lime or lemon as the tea sits in the refrigerator.

LGrass Iced Tea photo lg icetea12_zpspbqca0oq.png

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