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>> Thursday 22 June 2017

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When it comes to fruits I prefer to eat them as is or drink them in a smoothie. Pies, tarts, and desserts made with fruits win me over too. A year ago, I made fruit soup for the first time. Depending on the recipe some fruit soups are simply pureed and chilled before serving while others are cooked for a short period of time over low heat.

This recipe (I use the word loosely) which combines papaya, cantaloupe and orange juice was pureed and then set over low heat just to melt the Demerara sugar used to sweeten the mixture. I was serving this soup as dessert. The passion fruit preserve offered a welcome tang to each spoonful, almost cleansing the palate.

To make a fruit soup, think fruit drinks and go with a combo that works for you. What I would recommend is that you include the following types of fruits - one that is heavily water based such as melons, one that can add body to the soup and help to thicken it, I find papaya and guava excellent at this, and get fruits that are highly fragrant and flavorful like pineapples, and passion fruit, all types of citrus are welcome additions. If they are local and in season, berries are a must. When in season, West Indian/Barbados Cherry are perfect.

You may need to add water to give the soup your desired consistency, and when it comes to sweetness, use sugar, simple syrup or honey. Use sugar if you plan to heat the soup; use simple syrup or honey it you are not heating the soup.

Finally, just as with savoury soups, some people like to have "obstacles" in their soups, so be sure to include chunks of fresh fruit to be spooned with the liquid, if that's the crowd you are feeding.

'Tis the season. 'Tis summer and fruits are bountiful. Cool down with fruit soups, fruit punches, pure fruit juices and fruit drinks (adult and kid-friendly), fruit popsicles and other fruity cold treats.

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