Barbados @ 50 - Pudding & Souse

>> Friday 11 November 2016

Bajan Pudding as in Black Pudding is made with sweet potatoes. The origins of this pudding, like the Black Pudding of the region, lies with the British. Primarily for health reasons, Barbadians long abandoned the tradition of making the pudding with blood. However, many still stuff the spiced sweet potato filling into pig runners (intestines). To give the signature rich dark look to the pudding browning or burnt sugar is added.

(Black) Pudding and Souse is a combo that is made and sold together as weekend street food. While parts of the cow such as the heel and face are used for souse in other parts of the Caribbean, Barbados mostly makes its souse with pig's feet, ears, tongue, cheeks and the meat itself. Chicken-foot souse is also very popular.

 photo pudding souse_zpsvxe94vof.png

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