Barbados @ 50 - Mauby

>> Tuesday 8 November 2016

Mauby (the drink) can be polarizing across the region, and in each state. Divisions and strong opinions range from how it is made - bark or syrup - and the spicing ingredients. Whether it is brewed and left to ripen (mature/cure) over a few days (about 2 - 3) or if it can be made directly from the bark as soon as it is done boiling.

I am ole-school, I like my mauby only from the bark, boiled with spices, cooled, sweetened, brewed until frothy and left to ripen for a couple of days and 3 nights. Here in Barbados, most people like Mauby made from the syrup, with the exception of a few aficionados (baby boomers) who scoff at the idea of Mauby from the syrup.

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