Guyana @ 50 - Fried Rice

>> Thursday 19 May 2016

In every country, there is a dish that comes to define and challenge a home cook. The ability to make the dish is not just a mark of accomplishment, it speaks directly to the skill of the cook, creativity, and efforts to put their stamp on the dish to make it their own. In Guyana, there are many such dishes - Cook-up Rice, Pepperpot, Garlic Pork, Pound Cake, Roti... the list is long and includes Fried Rice.

Ask a home cook and he/she will tell you of their special way of cooking the rice to make fried rice. The ingredients used to season the rice becomes their signature blend and the method of combining the rice with vegetables and meat (if using) is unique to each cook. Fried Rice is also one of those dishes that we are constantly working on to perfect. We want to replicate a particular taste and texture that we've enjoyed at our favourite restaurant or at the home of family and or friends. For us, Fried Rice is more than just tossing day-old rice with veggies.

Pork Fried Rice photo prok frice_zpssdfgicuz.png
Pork Fried Rice ©Cynthia Nelson

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