Guyana @ 50 - Vermicelli Pudding (Payasam)

>> Thursday 21 April 2016

While Sweet Rice (rice pudding/kheer, Vermicelli (pudding/payasam), and vermicelli cake, are among the many sweet, spiced dishes made on certain religious holidays, festivals, and special occasions, these dishes can be also be found throughout the year in many homes as treats.Vermicelli (the pudding) was something mommy would make for us on Saturday evenings, it was like having dessert for dinner.

The nuttiness of the toasted vermicelli would fill the air; the sound of the spoon gently hitting the sides of the karahi as she tossed the noodle. The cinnamon and cardamon infused creamy milk simmered gently in the pan, cooking the noodles. Always, plump raisins would be added, sometimes cherries too. It was torture waiting for the Vermicelli to cool. Each mouthful was simply outstanding. Licking the spoon was the best part.

Vermicelli photo vermcielli_zps75px7o8n.png
Vermicelli Pudding ©Cynthia Nelson

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