Guyana @ 50 - Basil

>> Friday 29 April 2016

Let's discuss. How did this basil, the variety known as Basil Bush come to be known in Guyana as "Married Man Pork"? The basil has a wonderfully distinct flavour. When it is combined with broad-leaf thyme, the combination creates the signature taste of Guyanese Black Pudding. In Barbados, the broad-leaf thyme is known colloquially as "poor man's pork"; the reason being that the savoury, highly fragranced leaves give off the aroma and flavour of cooked meat. This would have been important at a time when there was little or no meat and cooks employed all their skills and knowledge to elevate "simple" ingredients. I find it interesting the reference to pork in the use of both of these herbs.

So how do you think the term "Married Man Pork" came about?

Basil Bush photo basil_zpsyowbccgd.png
"Married Man Pork" ©Cynthia Nelson

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