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>> Monday 4 January 2016

We all have multiple histories - our personal history, our families' history, our history as a society, and as a nation. Guyana's 50th anniversary of independence is an ideal opportunity for us to share these stories. And I am trying to gather the many different personal histories that we share as Guyanese people in a series of Facebook posts called, Culinary Treasures.

For generations, culinary items such as pots, pans, rolling pins, swizzle sticks, mixing bowls, mortars and pestles, masala bricks, blenders etc., have been lovingly cared for, shared and passed from one generation to the next. Each has a story or memory attached to it.

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What story do YOU have about that hand grater, that dish, that ladle, that tawah, that pressure cooker? Think you don't have a story? So did my friend Jackie until we started talking about Culinary Treasures, suddenly she remembered the table that she'd used as a desk for years- it used to be the kitchen table in her grandmother's house; she gave it to her brother when she left for the States.

Dig deep in your drawers, cupboards, cabinets and memories for your stories. It may be something that was passed on to you or something that you grew up knowing and seeing being used all the time in your family. Or it may be something that you bought or received as a gift when you got married, or first moved into your home, that has been a part of your life through the years; something that you treasure or something that has served you well or still continues to.

I'd love to hear your stories and memories. And I encourage you to please use your smart phones, tablets etc. to snap a photograph of your treasured item and share them along with your story/memory.

If you are Guyanese, or of Guyanese heritage, have a Facebook account/profile and would like to contribute to the project, Culinary Treasures, inbox me and I'll add you to the group.

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