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>> Monday 24 June 2013

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid review.

If you're from the Caribbean, living away from the region, and looking for a sweet taste of home, then you'll definitely enjoy the Coconut Drops made by Tropix. If you're not from the Caribbean but love everything coconut, then you should try these Tropix Coconut Drops.

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I received a request from the owner, Denise Edwards, months ago to review her product. When I went to the post office to pick up the package, the clerk looked at me as if to say: I can't believe that you had someone from North America send you sugar cake when we make the best sugar cake in this part of the world. Her look of perplexity was understandable, for the Caribbean is known for among many things, this sweet coconut treat we call sugar cake and coconut drops.

Depending on which part of the region you're from, it's coconut drops or sugar cake. Though very similar in nature, there are two major differences. Let me explain. Sugar cake is freshly grated coconut, grated on the fine side of a box grater and then cooked with West Indian brown sugar and flavouring spices of cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. The mixture is cooked to a thick mixture of dropping consistency and then dropped into mounds on a greased surface and left to cool and harden. They are served individually.

Coconut Drops, on the hand are much more rustic is appearance as the fresh coconut is chipped coarsely. The same process of flavouring and cooking is involved but instead of being dropped into mounds, the entire mixture is spread thinly en masse to cool and set and then cut or chopped into large pieces. Some purists would think of coconut drops as chip-chip sugar cake simply because of how the coconut is cut.

Sugar cakes and coconut drops are treats almost every West Indian knows of and has enjoyed at some point in their lives, especially as children. The people that sell snacks throughout the region - at schools, cinemas, in shops or at street corners can all tell tales of children rushing to get their sugar-fix of coconut drops or sugar cake.

I called some friends over to help taste-test the Tropix Coconut Drops. We had 3 flavours to sample - ginger (the regular and most familiar to us), apricot and cranberry. Before I go on let me just say that the way in which the coconut drops are made, makes it easy to add dried fruits, which are stirred in just before spreading the mixture to cool and set.

Hands down my friends and I enjoyed the ginger flavour best, and that was mainly because when we think of coconut drops and sugar cakes, ginger is the flavour that comes to mind... it took us back... that's why I said in the beginning that if you're looking for a taste of home, these coconut drops would hit the spot. The Apricot was a nice addition, the cranberries, were our least favourite. I highly recommend the ginger flavour. Even if you're not West Indian but love everything and anything coconut, this is a perfectly sweet introduction.

The Coconut Drops come packaged in a white box secured with a green ribbon bow, simple and elegant, just as shown here on the website. Inside of the box are the drops further encased in clear plastic, tied with a bow. The drops travel well. You can purchase them in various quantities.

Tropix Coconut Drops are available for sale online and at the following stores in Canada:

  • Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant - Brampton
  • Daddy's Jerk - Brampton
  • Allan's Pastry Shop - Scarborough & Toronto locations
  • Nicey's Food Mart - Brampton & Mississauga locations
  • Mo Bay Jerk - Brampton

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Tel: (416) 873-6808

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