Weaving Palms

>> Sunday 17 March 2013

Want to make this?

Lantern Palms photo LP26_zpsbd70cbf4.jpg

My sister and I learnt how to make these woven lantern palms when we were teenagers. The older women at church taught us how to make them. Since then, every Palm Sunday, this is how we prepare our palms for the start of Holy Week.

You want to try making it? I'd love to see your pics if you do. You can share them on my Facebook page.

Follow the collages below. They are in order, row after row from left to right. And no, those are not my hands. My hand model prefers to remain anonomyous. Thanks PB!

LP collage photo LPCollage_zps10dde203.jpg

LP collage2 photo LPCollage2_zps22e650ae.jpg

LP collage3 photo LPCollage3_zps99c81c8e.jpg

 photo LPCollage4_zps152ee052.jpg

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