Make It. Eat It. Enjoy It: EASTER SPICE BUN

>> Saturday 30 March 2013

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Jamaica has a spice bun that is very popular at Easter, simply called Easter Spice Bun. But trust me, there is nothing simple when it comes to the taste and attractiveness of this bun. Fragrant with spices, studded with rum-soaked raisins (my twist on things), glazed to dazzle and garnished with a single line of Maraschino Cherries, the loaf is as good looking as it is tasty. And to take it over the top, eat it with slices of sharp cheddar cheese.

Cut Easter Bun photo cutbun3_zps90954c4c.jpg

Chase it down with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Milo, Cocoa, Ovaltine, mauby or an ice-cold soda. All I ask is that you do not blame me when you find that you alone have eaten almost half of the loaf... shhhhh, don't tell any one.

Jamaican Easter Cut photo easterbun6_zps5cc2898c.jpg

Make it, eat it, enjoy it and yes, okay, share it (smile). Here is the recipe. There are 4 different versions of this Easter Spice Bun using various leavening agents, along with different spice combinations and other ingredients. All the recipes can be found in Enid Donaldson's The Real Taste of Jamaica. I adapted the version using baking powder. 

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