Beet-ing It

>> Tuesday 7 February 2012

If you have been reading me for a while now, you will know that beets are not something that I eat. Blame it on past experiences of having them while eating out - boiled until mushy and then sickly sweet with sugar added back!


Today marks exactly a year since I decided to try beets one more time - thanks to the encouragement of all you beet-lovers who showcase the amazing ways to enjoy beets. So, I went by one of my gardening friends to get some beets. It was so much fun and very interesting to see how the beets are grown and harvested. Look at those gifts coming out of the earth.


Given that beets are naturally sweet I thought that it would be best to have them with something a little tart that would be the perfect counterpoint so I marinated them (after steaming) with apple cider vinegar and salt. I added some sliced red onions for crunch. Oh my goodness, it was so good. The beets were meaty and sweet and perfectly balanced with the little bite from the vinegar.

Pickled Beets

While I am yet to try the many other recipes out there using beets, I found that I enjoyed them best when prepared simply - peeled and grated. Just like that. Crisp. Crunchy. Sweet. And, oh gosh, look at that colour!

Grated Beets

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