Another kind of Roti & Curry

>> Wednesday 6 July 2011

When I first read about Tashreeb Dijaai - an Iraqi-styled stewed chicken, it immediately made me think of a very Caribbean dish of curry and roti. Everything about this dish was different, the flavour, taste and even the way in which it is served.

The spice mixture added a new dimension to the curry and the addition of sumac, made this uniquely delicious. Here in the Caribbean, roti and curry, as a dish, is served two ways: The curry in one plate and the roti in a separate plate; the other way is the curry, encased/wrapped in the roti. I love the way in which Tashreeb Dijaai is served - the roti is torn and laid at the bottom of the plate, the gravy/sauce from the curry is then drizzled generously over the roti and the meat and potatoes piled on. Oh gosh, just writing about it is making me hungry. The roti becomes wet and pregnant with the spiced, savoury sauce and each morsel leaves you wanting more.

Don't even think of eating this meal with a knife and fork, get in touch with your food and eat with your hands! It's so good! Click here for the recipe. Don't worry if you can't find all of the ingredients, just make it.

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