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>> Sunday 8 May 2011

My Dear Friends,

You would have noticed an unexplained absence from this blog for 3 weeks now. It was due to the sudden passing of a very close relative who died unexpectedly in the wee hours of Good Friday morning. I did not have time to alert you that I won't be around because I had to get on the first available flight to Guyana.

We are all coping the best way we can... Death is often shocking and surprising and more so when someone at the prime of their life, without ailment, walks into a hospital, lies on a bed and is gone in 20 minutes. One is stunned when this happens, you slap and pinch yourself to wake up from the horrible dream because it cannot be real, you spoke to this person a couple of hours ago - you laughed, you made plans for the Easter weekend... but it is clear that God had other plans.

Since my return to Barbados, I have not done any cooking, I've only made a salad and I'm sharing it with you. It's nothing fancy, so there's no recipe really. Just cut some carrots, apples and toss then with a little mayonnaise, honey and grainy mustard. Add a splash of lemon juice if you like.

Have a great week everyone.

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