Love at first bite - Jamaican Beef Patties!

>> Saturday 18 September 2010

I've been to Jamaica more than once but it was not in Jamaica that I had my first bite of their famous beef patties and fell in love, it was in Guyana, many years ago! But the patties were made by Jamaicans. They were sooooo good. The all-shortening pastry crust (aka flaky pastry) is one of the stars of this patty. You can see the flakes as the patty comes out of the oven.

Just as in the column, I don't want to spend a lot of time gushing about this amazing beef patty, click here and get the recipe and make some! If you do not eat beef, you can try this with lamb or even chicken and if you are vegetarian, then you can make a veggie filling. There are a variety of fillings in Jamaica too but the most popular patty is the beef patty. Get the recipe here.

This week on, get those fruits blended and soaking in rum, Christmas is just around the corner. And, rum-soaked fruits are not just for Christmas cakes, find out other ways you can use it.

And now, enjoy the patties.

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