Eating at Home & Jamie's Asparagus Potato Tart

>> Saturday 14 August 2010

This week I'm writing to you from Guyana. I am here for 2 weeks and the eating has been interesting. The food scene continues to rapidly expand with numerous eating establishments that can be found all around. Unfortunately, with the expansion, there has been a lapse in the quality of flavour and taste of many things. I have been asking around for recommendations and the response has been incredibly varied. There have been hits and misses as indicated in this week's column.

Simplicity still rules the day such as these bakes and eggs.


There are some chefs who make their food really accessible. By that I mean that it is easy to replicate their recipes in your own kitchen at home. And the best part is that the results surprise and delight. One such chef is Jamie Oliver. I love, love, love his simple, straight forward approach to food. When I saw his recipe for Asparagus Potato Tart I know that it was a must-make.

I do not have a tart pan, yet, so I made mine in two mini loaf pans. The recipe is exactly as stated here. The only thing is that the baking time took longer because I did not use a tart pan. The baking time in the loaf pan is 30 - 40 minutes.

Serve as suggested, with a salad.

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