Ummm Corned Beef! & A new Gig

>> Saturday 17 July 2010

A can of corned beef can be found in almost every Caribbean kitchen. It is one of those must-have items that we stock for that just-in-case moment. Just in case I need to cook something quickly. Just in case I didn't make it to the market for vegetables and meat. Or, just in case I have a craving for corned beef. Continue reading the column and for my recipe of Fried Corned Beef & Potatoes.

Check out my good friend Felix's posts on Corned Beef & Cabbage and Curried Corned Beef. He also gives some insight as to how corned beef is thought of in his neck of the woods. Very interesting stuff. Chris over at Caribbean Pot refers to the cooking of corned beef as a classic lazy-man dish.

While there are many dishes that one can make with corned beef. My favourite way is to have it fried with lots of onions and potatoes and eaten with rice. Fried in this case meaning sauteed. Recipe.


I am now a Contributing Writer over at - which is owned by The New York Times Company. I'll be writing about West Indian Food (English-speaking Caribbean) to the Guide site: Latin/Caribbean Food.

Each week on this blog, you will see me post photographs and links to recipes, demos or articles I've contributed. This way, you get more Caribbean food, and insights into the cuisine. This week, I'm featuring my Butter Fish in Butter Sauce recipe. It is quick and easy and can be on your table in about 30 mins. Any white fish will work for this recipe - bone-in or fillet. Of course the cooking time will reduce if you are using fillets instead of bone-in fish. Give the recipe a try and be sure to leave a comment/review at the bottom of the recipe when you do. Thanks!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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