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>> Saturday 5 June 2010

If you're anything like me, when it comes to eating certain foods, you negotiate and bargin with yourself. When I find myself in such a situation, it is quite a sight because you would swear that I have gone mad. I pace. I stop and stare at nothing in particular while the wheels in my mind roll, bounce and tumble; and yes, I talk to myself - in whispers and aloud. Let me take you through my most recent episode. And when you're done, be sure to check out my friend Mike's effort to eat healthy. Oh the lengths we go to and the things we say to justify our choices. I'd love to hear how you bargain and negotiate when you want to indulge or feel guilty having indulged.

Clockwise: skinless fried chicken, steamed corn, steamed okra, tomatoes & green plantain fries

Whenever a fruit or vegetable has just come into season, the first way I prefer to have it, is prepared simply, or, as some cases require - eaten as is. Steaming the corn may sound bland, but it isn't if you have fresh sweet corn. The kernels plump up and burst in your mouth letting out all its natural juice. It will have you knawing at the cob long after the kernels are gone.

There was a time in Guyana when a lot of imported items such as English potatoes were banned (that's a story for another time). The local fast food outlets then started making green plantain fries to go along with the fried chicken they would sell. It was a hit. Actually a friend of mine who was visiting the other day says that prefers to have his chicken with plantain fries.

Beautifully golden and very easy to make; these are best eaten while still warm. They are hearty and really compliment fried chicken or fried fish. Try it sometime.

Green Plantain Fries


2 large green plantains
Oil to shallow fry

  1. Peel plantains and cut in half crossway; now cut each piece in half lengthways then cut into fries by further cutting each half lengthways into 3 each strips/wedge
  2. Heat oil on medium heat
  3. Fry plantain in batches until golden; drain on paper towels and immediately sprinkle with salt

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