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>> Saturday, 19 December 2009

Are you looking for a gift that satisfies?
Are you looking for a gift that's memorable?
Are you looking for a gift steeped in tradition?
Are you looking for a gift...

Give the gift of food and you are bound to hit all your targets. Give the taste of home to someone who can't make it home this year. Give the gift of a favourite meal. Whatever the reason, your gift of food will be cherished. Read this week's column for suggestions and ideas as to what food gifts you can create to share with your family and friends. When you're done, check out Zu's Spoonful of Christmas event in which many of us took part in 2007 for more food-gift ideas.

I had made flavoured salts and continue to get requests from my friends throughout the year for refills :) Click here for the recipes at the end of the column. Be sure to check out the flavoured sugar recipes as well.

Top left: Cumin Salt; Top right: Chili salt; Bottom: Rosemary Salt

This Pumpkin Pone is bound to be a hit with all pumpkin fans. Fresh coconut, pumpkin and spices come together for celebration that's bound to delight. See the recipe here.

The gift of food is priceless and moreso when given to those in need; let us remember this as we gaze at the bounty spread across our tables.

This is going to be my last post for 2009. My next post, all things being well will be on January 9, 2010. However, I'll be around to check out what you are up to as you cook up a storm :)

As I look back on this year, I will remember it always for it brought me huge challenges and battles unexpected, however, the year is ending on a high and for that I am truly thankful and feel immensely blessed. Thank you for all your love, support and guidance. I pray that you and your loved ones will have a joyful, blessed, safe and peaceful holiday. May the New Year bring you all you wish for, especially good health and happiness.


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