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>> Saturday 28 November 2009

One of my best friends loves bread. Yes she is one of my tasters and enjoys the taste excursions I try to take her on, but when it comes right down to it, when I ask her what her favourite food is she will answer “bread.” I decided to sit down with my friend (I call her the Breadologist) and find out more about this deep love she has for bread. In other words, it was time for some Breadology 101. Click here to read more in this week's column. N.B. The Nigel Slater bread recipe at the bottom of the column calls for 2 teaspoons table salt and NOT 1 1/2 tablespoons salt as mentioned.

Personally, I am not a big fan of eating bread but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to bake all kinds of bread and share it with my friends. When I make bread, I just have one or two slices; with roti - just one and I am good. Are you like that with certain foods too, where you love to make some things but don't particularly enjoy having it regularly or none at all? You should see the long list of links I have bookmarked of breads to make :) Call me crazy.

For me, I think it is about the skill and knowledge. I like learning about new breads (all kinds) and I enjoy the challenge and thrill of making bread, watching them turn out well beyond my expectation and perfecting my skill.

I saw this yeasted flat bread, Saj Bread over at Cheesecakeforall last week and knew immediately that I had to make it. OMG! This bread (which I think of more like a roti) is very easy to make and the results thrill, for the Saj Bread is soft, tender, delicate and flexible. As Maryam suggests, you can even use it as a wrap. I made mine and had it with shrimp curry. Try, this recipe, it will not disappoint.

Jim Lahey (of No-Knead Bread fame) has his book out, aptly titled: My Bread. I've ordered it and cannot wait to bake from it. I saw his Pizza Patate (Potato Pizza) recipe in the final edition of Gourmet and made it. It's a winner! The crust, the topping, the flavour, the texture, all will have you going back for more. Again, I am not a fan of pizza but this cheese-less, tomato sauce-less pizza is the kind that I can go for. Hmmm, I'm thinking smoked salmon...

You can find the recipe as published in the magazine here. Do not cheat on the time for the potatoes to brine and follow the instructions of putting the topping right to the edge and even a little over, as the crust shrinks from the pan as it bakes.

I'm definitely making this pizza again.

This weekend has been and continues to be quite a busy one, holiday-wise: Thanksgiving last Thursday, Eid-ul-Adha on Friday and then on Monday is Barbados's Independence.


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