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>> Saturday 4 July 2009

I spent several weeks with a friend in the USA and of course, I cooked. I felt totally off my cooking game. The simplest of tasks had me questioning my cooking skills. I found myself scorching things, burning things, under cooking some dishes and over cooking others. I have always felt that a good cook is one who is able to adapt to various cooking environments. I began to ask myself, if I was having so much trouble in this new kitchen… really… how good a cook am I? (Cue the dramatic music) Click here for the column and find out how things went.

These Plantain-Sausage Rolls are easy to make and delicious anytime. Here's what you'll need: ripe plantains (look for the ones that the skins have started to darken), your favourite uncooked sausage links, nuts of your choice ground finely but with a little texture. Bamboo toothpicks.

And here's now to make them:
  1. Cook the sausages first as they will take the longest. Let cool to handle and slice into 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick rounds. Set aside.
  2. Peel and slice the plantains and pan fry them. Working with them still warm, take one piece of sausage, place on the plantain and roll from one end to the other, roll in ground nuts, secure with toothpick and set aside. Repeat until all the sausages are used up. If you have plantains remaining, just roll them up, roll in nuts, secure with toothpicks and serve; or, you can elinimate the nuts altogether for those with allergies.


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