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>> Saturday 13 December 2008

My friend Gwen says, “People are not into making ole time food” and unfortunately, that is exactly where Jug Jug finds itself, in the ole-time-food category. Read this week's column to learn more about this Barbadian Christmas Dish and for the recipe. Any of the variety of pigeon peas shown below will work.

My friend Maryann over at Finding La Dolce Vita along with her friend Joe are hosting a Seven Fishes Feast event, a tradition the Italians follow every Christmas Eve. They are going to be giving away a basket full of goodies! Click here for the event details. My entry is a dish of Chinese Longevity Noodles and garlic shrimp. Enjoy!


As I had mentioned before, there are going to be a number of blog events to promote my book and to offer you a chance to win a free copy. Thanks to all of you who have so willingly and readily placed a picture and link of the book on your blog. If you are reading this and you would like to help promote my book, feel free to copy the link and picture-cover of the book which can be found on the upper right hand corner of this blog.

Enter Sangeeth's Eat Healthy Contest and get a chance to win a copy of my book. Click here for details.

There is a special edition of the Royal Foodie Joust on and the winner gets a copy of My Caribbean Cookbook Tastes Like Home! See The Leftover Queen forum for the list of ingredients. If you are new to the Royal Foodie Joust and would like to part-take, not a problem, just click here and join in the fun!

Keep watching this space for more events and book giveaways!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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