A one-of-a-kind Chicken Curry

>> Saturday 30 August 2008

I'm not kidding, it is a one-of-kind Chicken Curry. Though many of you have your own versions of this dish, what I present to you today is the unique way in which it is done in Guyana, particularly in the rural parts of the country. The fire-roasting of the chicken imparts a depth of flavour that is unrivaled. I'm not sure but I would imagine that perhaps in certain parts of Trinidad & Tobago, chickens are prepped this way for curry as well. Read the column to get the full story and when you're done, click here for a slide show of the entire process. Who knows, depending on where you are, you might want to give this a try too.

Here, the chicken is plucked and fire-roasted, now it's ready to be gutted and cut up. See the charred bits of skin? so much flavour, you really should read the column.

I would like to thank my friend Gillian for all her hard work with this venture, and for the hand modelling and for being patient as I interrupted her to take the photographs. Thanks G! Couldn't have done this without you.
I promise to be back soon with a new post at FMMN. Been busy with beginning-of-the-academic year work.

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