Chow Fun (Chao fen)

>> Sunday 8 June 2008

Sorry for the late posting - I am in a different time zone, literally!

Last week a comment was posted on Stabroek News' online edition encouraging Guyanese to try making Chow Fun, a dish the reader stated, "... tastes great." So, for this week's column, I thought that I'd take up the challenge of making this dish as I am big fan of Chinese cuisine. Read the column for my take on this dish and the challenge of making the rice noodles.

Beef Chow Fun

For those of you interested in trying the dish yourself, I used the recipe outlined by the commenter. See the column.

Below, is dried rice noodles cooked with dried shrimp and green onions. Simple, quick, easy and delicious.


I am going to be away for a few days. Next week's post will come to you compliments of Blogger's pre-publishing feature :) I look forward to catching up with you and your creations when I return.

Have fun!

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