All Cook-Up Rice is not created Equal

>> Saturday 5 April 2008

Cook-up Rice

There are some people who constantly question and marvel at the possibility of cooking a variety of ingredients in one pot at the same time. They often wonder, will some things not be over cooked and others undercooked? The answer is no, not if you know what you are doing and understand the ingredients you are working with.

This week's column is about cooking one of Guyana's national dishes - Cook-up Rice. I'm sure some of you will recall me mentioning the dish in the past. It's a medley of ingredients that are cooked together: peas, rice, meat, chicken and fresh herbs with coconut milk. You can also make it vegetarian. Click here to read my discussion on how to make a Cook-Up Rice where each ingredient has a different cooking time and yet everything comes out cooked perfectly, never over cooked or undercooked.

If you think you'd like to give this dish a try, please do not hesitate to email me for a recipe.

Over at Forgive Me My Nonsense... the discussion is still going strong on "How Rude are Your Readers? Don't forget to weigh-in, we love hearing from you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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