What's in a name?

>> Saturday 1 March 2008

I am sure that many of you can relate to being confused by the notion of a dish based on what you've always known and interpreted it to be, only to find out that it might not really be so. That was my dilemma this week when I created the dish you see here. To fully understand my confusion, you have to read the column. Hence there is not a label for me to put on this dish.

Fish Broth

Some of you may recognise it as something you make or have seen, I'd be happy to hear what what names it's called.

This dish was inspired by the memory of a similar dish made by my beloved dad... I stared by cleaning some large fish heads (red or gray snapper works best) Then I chopped up some onions, fresh herbs, hot peppers and tomatoes. With a pat of butter and a little oil, I sauteed the onions and fresh herbs lightly; added the fish heads, covered it half way up with boiling water, seasoned with salt and pepper and simmered for about 30 minutes. To finish off the dish, I added some chopped green onions and a couple pats of butter that melted and made the liquid even richer. I ate it with boiled and sliced ground provisions and it was good.

As I mentioned in the column, each Caribbean country has its own version of this and other fish-in-liquid dishes. Depending on where you are from, these dishes are interpreted and called different things. I'm not sure where mine falls.

This week over at Forgive me my nonsense... it's all about immigration laws and how they are impacting on Britian's curry houses. It also begs the question of defining "unskilled workers".

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