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>> Saturday 4 August 2007

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Hi Friends, I'm back. It was great seeing the family, meeting up with some former broadcasting colleagues and taking in some of the food scene in Guyana. Guyanese definitely eat out a lot more these days, seems as if on every street, every corner there is an eating establishment from restaurants to snackettes, to shops to cafeterias. While there's still a lot of cooking taking place at home, it is definitely not the 3 to 2 times cooking per day and it is not being done every day, more like every other day. The influence of North American sweet-treats is evidenced by the types and varieties of pastries and other sweet products that are made and sold. I am glad to see however, that a lot of the traditional foods and snacks are still prevalent.

This week's column looks at what I call weekday-food and weekend food. In other words, during the week, there were certain kinds of foods my mother and other families made and on the weekends, they cooked dishes not generally made during the week. What was it like in your home growing up? These days, the lines are blurred, we eat anything, anyday, and at anytime. Click here to read more.

Some of the more popular weekend food that have now become everyday food are: roast chicken and macaroni and cheese pie.

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Treats such as these delicious stuffed jalapenos wrapped with bacon fortunately still counts as one of those things to make when entertaining or on a weekend when one has more time. The inspiration came from here. If you are vegetarian, you can certainly make these just stuffed with the cream cheese. They are sooooo good.

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The column can be read here.

The recipes for these dishes are widespread but if you want my version, please do not hesitate to email me.

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