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>> Saturday 5 May 2007

Clockwise: Veal curry, Sadha roti, Mango chutney, tomato choka, Apple Chutney, Hummus.
Guyana is today celebrating 169 years of the first arrival of Indians to its shores.
Many of my friends over at the Dining Hall have been fascinated about my posts in terms of similarities to their own cuisine. As I've been saying all along, our cuisine in the Caribbean has been influenced by African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, Indigenous, Arabic & British cuisines. In our corner of the world, fusion food actually exists! :)
Today in my column, I discuss the influence of Indian cuisine in Guyana and the Caribbean; I also marvel at the discoveries I've made through food blogging about the origins of some of the dishes we make here.
The food in today's post are inspired and influenced in a variety of ways. The curry I made was done using a Sri Lankan Curry Powder mix that my Sri Lankan friend, Kumi sent me last weekend. Hummus is a Middle Eastern dish. The chutneys and choka are West Indian and Indian inspired. So too is my version of sadha roti, a leavened flat bread. Enjoy!
You can read the column here.

Apple Chutney - I used Granny Smith Apples for its tartness
Ingredients: Apples, garlic, lemon juice, salt and hot chillies, combined in a food processor

Tomato Choka
Tomatoes & Garlic roasted then pureed with lemon juice, salt and hot chillies & some olive oil

Mango Chutney - I could not get green mangoes so I used half-ripened ones. The taste is amazing, the sweetness balances the lemon juice, garlic, salt, and hot chillies very well.

Hummus - creamy with chopped basil and parsley folded in.
Ingredients: Chick peas, tahini paste, lemon juice, ground cumin, salt & fresh herbs

Veal Curry
Made with a Sri Lankan Curry Powder Mix

Sadha Roti (my verison)
A leavened flat bread made with flour, baking powder & yeast, cooked on a tawah, a flat iron gridle

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