Disappointing Cassava balls

>> Saturday 24 February 2007

I love a good cassava ball - creamy, well seasoned and coated with a hint of batter. When done right they are so good and you do not necessarily need sour to accompany them.

I went to the market this morning and bought some from a Guyanese vendor. I was so excited to eat it that I did not even wait to get home, I started to eat it in the car.

I bit in to the cassava ball only to find myself having to bite down hard, then I had to tear the piece in my hand away from my mouth. Strange I thought. I continued to chew. The thing was chewy! I swallowed, it had no taste, it was bland. I decided to carefully examine the remaining piece of bitten "cassava ball". As I pulled it apart, it stretched like dough! The cassava ball was made with flour! and a hint of cassava!

I wanted to show you all so I took some close-up pics. Pay attention to the texture. I used a serrated knife to saw through the cassava ball! (LOL)

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