>> Monday 12 February 2007

Soon you may find that the links below are no longer be available. Here's why. The newspaper that I write for, Stabroek News, effective from December 1, 2010 made their online version of the newspaper and columns such as mine, Tastes Like Home, accessible only by paid subscription. Personally, I think that it is an unfortunate situation, but it is what it is.
As a result, you will notice that I no longer link directly to my column online in my blog posts. Due to this development, I have decided to distribute a free monthly newsletter that will contain abridged versions of my columns effective from January 2011, to all interested. In other words, come January 2011, my first newsletter will contain the 4 abridged versions of December's columns complete with accompanying recipes and photographs, February's newsletter will have January's abridged columns and so on.

UPDATE: The Newsletter, TASTESMONTLY, is currently on a temporary hiatus. Thanks for your interest.
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  1. Bring Home the Bacon
  2. Caramelized Perfection - Bacon-wrapped Ripe Plantains
  3. Don't Baste the Turkey - Braise it!
  4. Patiently making Peda (Peera)
  5. A rant: an appeal for the ordinary
  6. Meat + Rice + Spices = Tatbileh
  7. Raisin Bread for Mom
  8. Tennis Rolls - A Guyanese Favourite
  9. What is Allspice?
  10. Disappointed by Cornbread
  11. Love at first bite - Jamaican Beef Patties
  12. Market Friends & Foes
  13. Baking to avoid work
  14. Sometimes 'why' is not important
  15. Eating at Home - The Recommendations
  16. Eating at Home - Hits & Misses
  17. Two Ears of Roasted Corn
  18. Moussaka - with Ripe Plantains!
  19. Bye-Bye Mangoes
  20. Corned Beef Stories
  21. Making Red Pepper Flakes
  22. A Taste of Guyana in Barbados
  23. Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Meat!
  24. Sweet Bay
  25. Chester Cake
  26. Negotiating and Bargining
  27. A quick bread
  28. Wanted: a cook to make breakfast
  29. Mrs. Cummings' Swiss Roll
  30. Tea for my Mom
  31. A mental adjustment to cooking and eating
  32. In Defence of All-Purpose Flour
  33. Of Sponge Cakes & Pound Cakes
  34. Homemade Granola
  35. Conquer Your Oven
  36. A Bountiful Opportunity
  37. Cornmeal Cou-Cou in 10 minutes!
  38. Pau takes me back...
  39. What is Wheat Germ
  40. No flipping pancakes for me
  41. In touch with my senses... eating with my hands
  42. So you want to make a Trini Pelau?
  43. Anatomy of a Food Label-Part 2
  44. Anatomy of a Food Label-Part 1
  45. My First Vegan Dinner
  46. Get Your Drinks On
  47. The Best Gift
  48. Khichri & Kedgeree
  49. It’s all about Side Dishes
  50. Breadology – the love for bread
  51. Annatto – Poor Man’s Saffron
  52. Thought you ought to know…
  53. About Cooking Shrimp

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