An Altitude of Frustration

>> Sunday 7 January 2007

It's one thing to struggle to get things into a suitcase, another thing to pay overweight but downright frustrating when your baggage does not arrive, especially with the perishables you so carefully packed!
That's what happend to me last week. Fortunately, thanks to my sister, the tightly, securely and well-encased goodies survived their overnight delay.
At the heart of this frustration lies sloppy service. The agent to whom I had to report my non-baggage arrival could not tell me why my baggage had not arrived the same time with me - he said he did not know and was not informed of any irregularity. Add to that his incompetence of putting the name of my travelling companion on the claim form instead of mine!
Wait, it's not over. The airline supervisor on duty wants me to return the next morning and explain my dilemma to the morning agent because she will not be on duty then (instead of her making a note and leaving it for the morning agent to follow-up). On top of that, she suggests that I write a letter to the Manager because " telling him that customers were complaining will not do anything." What is she doing there then?
I am sick of the incompetent and shabby way Caribbean travellers are treated, not just by our own but also by those fighting for market share and not delivering the altitude of service they boast.

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